Timber Floor Staining in Sydney

Change the appearance of your timber flooring with staining throughout your home. United Floor Sanding in Sydney offers a huge selection of floor staining options. You can refresh your original colour or choose a new one. Whichever you decide, you can trust that our floor technicians will leave a beautiful finish that lasts for years. Contact us today about our colour selection and affordable pricing. We serve the entire Sydney area.

Choosing Your ColoursWhen you are taking on the task of remodeling or simply redecorating your home, a change in stain colour offers you many options to match your theme. Go lighter for a more open look, or go darker for something warm and cozy.

Different types of wood absorb stains differently. To ensure uniformity of colour throughout your home, our specially trained floor masters do sample testing so you know we are achieving your desired colour. Slight inconsistencies are normal, hence the wonderful nature of your wood.

What if I Don't Know What Colour I Want? We understand that not everyone is an interior decorator. That's why our flooring technicians come with design and colour expertise. Let us help you choose the right shade for your home, based on your furnishings and decor. During a consultation, we'll bring a huge array of colour samples and help you decide on the perfect shade for your timber flooring.

It's possible to stain your floors so the grain and colour resemble a different type of wood. For example, if you have pine floors, we can show you a stain that makes it look like rich oak, or even mahogany. Again, we'll be there to help you make the right decision for your home. Timber flooring is a great investment, and we want to help you keep it looking new, while offering the protection it needs.

Protecting Your Newly Stained Floors Once your floor is stained, it's covered with polyurethane for a smooth, sealed-in finish. We highly recommend a water resistant stain or coating, especially in your dining areas and kitchen. This ensures your new colour will last a long time.

Let us help you fit a timber floor staining project into your household budget. You'll be surprised at how cost-effective it is to sand, polish, and stain your floors. Contact us today in Sydney for an in-home consultation.

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