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Floor Sanding & Polishing in Sydney

Add new life to your old timber floors by letting your neighbors at United Floor Sanding provide expert renovations that won't break your budget. If your floors are in good shape, you may just need floor sanding and polishing. Contact us in Sydney for an in-home estimate from a company backed by more than 20 years of experience.

Wear & Tear Wreaks Havoc on Your FloorsWhether you have a family of two or ten, your timber flooring sees a lot of traffic. Years of wear put scratches, scuffs, and stains on your beautiful investment. The good news is that you don't need to replace your timber floors. Sanding and polishing restore the original luster, so your floors look brand new once again. You can even choose a different stain for a whole new look.

Stop moving furniture and tossing rugs over the scratches. Sanding and polishing protects your wood flooring for many years to come. United Floor Sanding in Sydney provides the highest quality craftsmanship with friendly and reliable service.

Sanding Your Floors with Care The entire sanding and polishing process is an art that our floor technicians have mastered over the past 20 years. Careful and precise sanding removes dirt, oil, old varnish, paint, and anything else that has damaged your floor over the years.

Whether you have straight timber boards or parquet tiles, the sanding is performed using the utmost care, including keeping the dust to a minimum. All your vents and household goods are covered to prevent the dust from seeping into cracks. And don't worry about cleanup – our folks leave your home cleaner than when they started!

Polishing Wood Floors to Perfection Buffing your floors after a thorough sanding brings out the best in the wood, making it shine like it was just installed yesterday. Several options are available to you for polishing your floors. A polyurethane coating provides years of protection and gives a nice, shiny appearance. Other coatings, such as an oil or wax sealant, also coat the floor and penetrate the wood for a high degree of protection.

Not sure which is right for you? Contact us for a consultation and quote and we'll assess your floor's condition and make our best recommendation that fits your budget.

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