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Timber Floor Repairs in Sydney

Time heals, but not when it comes to wood flooring! Protect your investment by taking advantage of the expert floor repair technicians at United Floor Sanding. Repairs to your timber flooring should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid having to re-do your entire home. We serve all our neighbors in the Sydney area.

Trust Our Expertise A simple floor patch won't do. Our technicians take the time to repair holes, dings, warps, cracks, and scratches with proper methods that ensure longevity in your timber flooring. Along with careful colour matching, you won't even be able to detect any previous damage.

Types of Damage That Can Occur Several things may damage any hardwood flooring. A dropped piece of furniture may cause a huge dent. You may have a split or cracked board simply from age. A flood may cause warping. And your dog may scratch the wood or have an accident. A worst case scenario may be that your home's foundation is settling.

Not to worry – our flooring repair craftsmen are adept at any type of repair, backed by more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of timber flooring.

Proficient Repair Techniques Some minor scratches may only need sanding and refinishing. Larger dents or gouges are gently cared for with wood filler, sanding, and refinishing. Buckling wood or water damage may require plank or tile replacement. Whichever method works best, rest assured that the repair will be undetectable. Filling and sanding ensures uniformity, and colour matching the stain provides a seamless look for all repairs.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction Many customers have shown concern that timber flooring repair is just a patch-and-go job. We assure you, it takes time, talent, precision, and skilled labor to correctly repair your floor's damage. The comprehensive process is in place to make sure the repaired area matches the rest of the flooring perfectly. The eyesore of a gouge won't become a bigger problem because you won't even be able to detect a difference.

Your investment in timber flooring is intact when you put your trust into our capable hands. Our many satisfied customers are a testament to our success in the timber flooring business.

Contact us today for an estimate on repairing your timber flooring, whether it's a few scratches or some warped boards. We'll make it right to your ultimate satisfaction.

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